Drop off your baggage at Brussels-Midi the day before your trip

We offer a free baggage drop-off service for your AIR&RAIL trips departing from Brussels-Midi station. Head to the Brussels-Midi station on the day before your departure and travel light on the day of your trip!

Your reception at the AIR&RAIL terminal of the Brussels-Midi train station, the day before your trip

Save time and minimize stress

If you wish, you can drop off your baggage at the check-in counters of the AIR&RAIL terminal, the day before your train trip. Your baggage will be checked in and transported on the TGV to Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport. On the day of your flight, your baggage will be loaded onto the hold of the aircraft. That way you can take your connecting flight in Paris without stopping at the baggage drop-off counter.

Meet at the AIR&RAIL terminal of the Brussels-Midi train station

Our team is available to collect your baggage from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM the day before your train trip. The day of your train departure, go to the check-in counter at the AIR&RAIL terminal in order to receive your boarding pass.

Which trips are eligible for this service?

All passengers with an AIR&RAIL ticket from Brussels-Midi station to any destination departing from Paris-Charles de Gaulle can drop off their baggage at Brussels-Midi station the day before their departure. This service is not available in the following cases:

  • Your flight departs from Paris-Orly
  • Your flight is provided by Delta Air Lines
  • Your stay in Paris is longer than 24 hours
  • You are traveling to Tel Aviv

Check your flight times, departure terminal and airline in the “Flight times” section of our site. Your airline is also indicated on your trip summary.

Who can drop off baggage?

You can drop off your baggage and that of the people traveling with you on the same flight. Please remember that you must present all of your travel documents (ID card, passport, visas, etc.) as well as those of anyone you represent. Families may be represented by one passenger with parental authority. This passenger must be flying on the trip and present the required travel documents for all family members. Whether traveling in the hold or in the cabin, animals must be checked in at the airport on the day of departure.

What types of baggage?

You can drop off any type of baggage the day before your trip, including authorized sports equipment.

  • The weight limit per baggage item is 23 kg / 50 lb or 32 kg / 70 lb, as indicated on your trip summary.
  • The size limit per baggage item is 158 cm / 62 in (height + length + width).

Baggage items weighing more than 32 kg / 70 lb or exceeding 158 cm / 62 in in size (height + length + width) are not accepted on board the TGV.

Baggage user guide

How many baggage items can you transport? What can you bring on board? See our “Baggage user guide” section for information on size limits, sports equipment, prohibited items and more.