Sustainable aviation fuel

Sustainable aviation fuel

Air France is strongly involved in the development of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), which on average can lower CO₂ emissions by 80% (throughout its lifetime) compared to traditional fossil fuel. 


Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) is a clean substitute for fossil kerosene. This fuel is made from sustainable resources like waste oils from biological origin, such as used cooking oil. This means the fuel is cleaner, reduces emissions, and has a very low fine-particle emission, which is important for air quality. We can blend SAF with conventional fuel, meeting the same specifications as fossil kerosene.

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Unfortunately, the production and use of sustainable fuel is currently much more expensive than regular fossil fuel. When you contribute to SAF, you're helping us to scale the use of SAF at Air France and grow the SAF market worldwide. This in turn can lower carbon emissions over the long-term by reducing the aviation sector's dependency on regular fossil fuel.

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