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Southern Corsica: the strength and beauty of a land of character

From Ajaccio to Bonifacio, the south of the island is distinguished by riches, authenticity, and a strong personality. Travelling through this very mixed landscape is an adventure as much as it is a journey.

"On Corsica, I was given life", said Napoleon Bonaparte, future Emperor of the French, who was born in Ajaccio on August 15th, 1769.

Nature has endowed southern Corsica with sumptuous landscapes, where mountains, cliffs, idyllic beaches, and reddish cliffs compete for favour. Once you set foot on this magical place, the smells, colours, and tastes always remain anchored in the memory of travellers like yourself – as does the unfailingly breath-taking scenery. Allow yourself to be imbued with Corsica by closing your eyes and letting the distinctive smell of the maquis shrubland overtake you; lose yourself in the blue of the bay of Porto-Vecchio or the Lavezzi islands; listen to men sing of love in a small picturesque village church in Sartene.

The island offers a multitude of activities to discover and desires to be met. Energetic visitors will gladly plunge into the clear waters of the island’s best beaches, like the ones at Palombaggia and Santa Giulia, or the emerald green basins of its natural mountain pools. Hikers can discover the many iconic landscapes of southern Corsica, like the Aiguilles de Bavella or the forest of Ospedale. Nature lovers can rent a boat to venture out to the Scandola Nature Reserve; divers can explore the exceptional richness of the seabed, while food lovers taste the diversity of Corsican charcuterie. As for history buffs, they can roam the streets of Ajaccio, the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, and then head up the island’s imposing cliffs to Bonifacio. Beautiful in all seasons, southern Corsica can be visited any time of the year. Escape to this small Mediterranean paradise, where you will find tradition and pleasure in equal measure.

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