To help you prepare for your trip, please find below some useful information on how to find the travel requirements for your destination, transit and departing countries, including Covid-19 tests locations. Please note that it remains your responsibility to check and comply with all the requirements of the relevant national authorities.


Since 1 May 2022, all passengers arriving in Greece regardless of their country of origin, will no longer be required to present any Covid related certificate as all relevant restrictions are lifted. The use of face masks is mandatory for everyone above the age of 4, at all indoor areas, including airport areas, during boarding, as well as during any flight to/from and within Greece. Passengers are required to comply with the instructions of airports, airlines and Hotel personnel related to crowd management. Detailed protocol for arrivals in Greece, Greek Government Information about Covid measures and frequently asked questions can be found at:


The current modalities of entry into France and relevant detailed information are available on France Diplomacy or French government's website. Please visit these websites for real-time updates regarding entrance in France as well as for general information on restrictions within France.


Before making any travel plans, please contact the relevant national authorities to check the latest exit, entry, transit and stay requirements for your departure, destination and transit countries, as well as any applicable health regulations. To find out which health and/or test requirements currently apply to your trip, you can also check, shortly before your departure, Make sure to enter your entire route if your trip includes transfers.


Athens International Airport in partnership with IATRIKON ATHINON have put in place PCR and Rapid test facility as follows: PCR and Antigen Rapid Tests: Location: Indoors at Arrivals level between entrance doors 2 and 3 of Arrivals Main Terminal Building. Opening hours: 24/7 Antigen Rapid Test Results: Usually available in 15-30 minutes. IATRIKON will provide passengers with a test outcome certificate in English. Upon testing passengers will be advised on the available options to get this certificate well prior their check in process. Cost: Antigen Rapid Test currently at 20€. PCR Test currently at 60€. Forms of payment: Customers should pay for the service with a debit or credit card. Recommendation: As there are no scheduled appointments, customers must be aware of potential flow sequence issues. Therefore, passengers who intent to take an Antigen Rapid Test just before their flight are advised to arrive at the airport 4 hours and no later than 3 hours prior to their planned departure in order to ensure smooth flow and to get the test certificate on time.